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Astra Adjusting

Astra Adjusting works on your behalf, handling your insurance claim for property damage or loss and helping you get the best possible settlement.

Insurance companies are businesses with a goal of staying profitable. As your adjuster we work to make sure they don't put their profit margins above making your home whole again.

"Success requires the overcoming of obstacles" -Astra Adjusting

"To the stars through difficulties"

"Per aspera ad astra"

Astra Adjusting

Who We Are

Family Owned Business

We are a part of this community and treat our customers as our family, and neighbors.


Licensed and Bonded in the state of IL

Personal Service

We will guide and advise you

Continuous improvement

With ongoing and evolving education, we find the best ways and best products to use

BBB certified

A+ Rated

What the difference between a Public Adjuster and a Contractor? 

The Public Adjuster (P.A.) has the capability to advocate on behalf of the insured! The Insurance company will then be able to deal directly with the Public adjuster instead of the Insured/Client. It saves time and back and forth communication any time there is a question, addressing something that was missing in the claim, or surprises found during repairs that needed to be supplemented. 

Insurance companies are not required to speak directly to contractors or explain their decisions and how they handle the situation to the contractor. They are only required to speak with the insured. Contracting with an Adjuster allows the adjuster the power needed to work with the insurance company as efficiently as possible!

A contractor, whether its for siding or roofing is not licensed to interpret or negotiate coverages outlined in your insurance policy. Only a public adjuster can review, interpret and advise on coverages to make sure the policy holder is made whole again. 

The best contractor and best Public Adjuster both will know local building codes, but only a public adjuster can speak to the insurance company on behalf of the customer to make sure that the insurance is following local regulations to do a proper replacement or repair. 

A Public Adjuster has your best interests in mind. Their goal is to make sure you and your home are made whole again. They know, and have expectations on getting the best results for your home. With that in mind Astra Adjusting recommends Perfect Exteriors in Aurora to take care of your home’s repairs. With a perfect rating on Google, Yelp and Facebook, They are recognized as one of the Top 3 Contractors in Aurora! 

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