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  • Cheap Gutter Guards, more like Gutter Blockers
Gutter guards iced over in Oak Park copyright www.perfectexteriorsinc.com
Rick March 20, 2023 0 Comments

Gutter guards are intended to guard against debris from getting into your gutters, building up and blocking your downspout. This will cause your gutter system to overflow and send water where it shouldn’t go.

Here’s a photo from Oak Park where we were working on a Hardie Chimney wrap. I noticed that the home owners used the cheaper guards that you can buy from any big box store. These thin plastic guards have small holes that are easy to obstruct and in this case, caused ice to form over them to completely obstruct the gutter. It’s almost an inch thick of ice!

Raindrop Gutter guards are a dark colored polymer that can heat up from the sun to help melt snow and ice to allow water to continue to flow thru the system.

(Image courtesy of https://raindropgutterguard.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/heat-cable-installation-on-raindrop-gutter-guards-review/ )

So when you’re going to invest into a gutter guard system, make sure your investing in a system that works, all year round.

-Perfect Exteriors

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