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Roof replacement with improper shingle nailing
Jonas Z April 16, 2023 0 Comments

Choosing a roofing contractor for a roof replacement 

can be a time consuming task. Spending the time researching local roofing companies is worth the effort in the long run.

Although most roofing companies use the same products and processes, there are still factors that some pay more attention to then others. One company may prioritize quality and longevity of a roof, while others speed and quantity.

On a recent inspection of a roofing system in Montgomery IL, we found an example of issues a speedy install, with lesser quality results in. The shingle installers nailed the shingles in a quick fashion, not seating the roofing nails straight, which over the course of a few years became apparent after the warranty expires. The nail heads were sitting up right, and as the shingles above these nails settled and set, the nails underneath tore through and are now exposed to elements. The attic space now gets drops of water every time it rains, or snow melts off of the roof.


Another factor of quick nailing can be improper nail placement. If the nails are not on the actual nail line, they will be either too low (which causes exposed nail leaks over time) or nailed too high (causes wind lift and tearing of shingles). The contractor should be paying attention during every shingle install to make sure it gets a proper install.

Our exterior roofing experts can identify any examples of improper roofing installations, and help address a route to take for repairs.


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