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Concerned your Roof was damaged by storms? - Perfect Exteriors

  • Concerned your Roof was damaged by storms?

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How to deal with a storm damaged roof

Hail damage on a roof in St Charles IL needing roof replacement

We are Chicagoland’s best roofing contractor to handle hail repair roofing services!
If your area was in a hail storm, reach out to us for a no cost roof inspection. With our years of experience we can best ascertain if there is anything of concern for you.
The heaviest burden of work you have to do is send us a message to have us do the inspection!
Once we are on your roof we will take photos for you so you can see how everything looks and for your records. If your roof is damaged we will review with your options on how to address them. 

Storm Damage Specialists

Hail storm Roof repair services include;

Free Roof Inspection

Roof Repairs

Help with Insurance if needed

Gutters & Downspouts

Windows & Window Screens

Free Estimates

Hail Damaged roof in Aurora IL needing roof replacement

If you can see visible damage to your roof such as missing shingles, CALL RIGHT AWAY!
If you leave your damaged roof exposed and it causes additional damage your insurance company will claim that you were negligent!

Hail Damaged skylight in North Aurora

Do you speak insurance?

Dealing with insurance can be a challenge. Not only do you have to understand all components of your home and what was damaged. You have to be able to recognize it using their terminology. Then make sure that they are covering everything they are supposed to.
You would think that since you are paying your insurance company they will take care of everything, but that’s rarely the case. 

storm Chasers be chasing

After every bad storm the storm chasers are out and about trying to make a quick buck and give you a warranty that lasts as long as you can see their tail lights. We are a part of your community and not going anywhere! We have your best interests in mind and will make sure you are taken care of!

how insurance for homes and hail works in IL

Can you talk to my insurance for me?

We get this question a lot. As a contractor the insurance adjusters have no legal requirement to speak with us and they can disregard any questions or help we try to provide. 
BUT, we do work with Astra Adjusting that can represent you and handle everything with your insurance company, start to finish! 

Click here to learn more about what Astra can do for you!

Why is perfect exteriors your perfect choice for roofing contractor?

We have been serving the chicagoland area for over a decade! We are licensed by Illinois, insured and bonded. We meet our manufacturer’s guidelines on installation to be certified installers for them! We know, and will handle the permit process for you! 
Be sure to check out our reviews so our clients can tell you about their experiences and why we are your Perfect Roofing Contractor. 

perfect Exteriors truck in la grange after roof and siding replacement

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