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  • Damage improper roof venting will cause.
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Jonas Z February 25, 2023 0 Comments

Damage improper roof venting will cause.

Every house has roof vents on it, but is it working?

You may see a few low profile vents, power vent or even ridge vent and feel like as long as it is there, it is fine. 

The truth is, for a roofing system to vent an attic space properly, there are many more factors.

-Is there enough roof vents?

-Does the type of roof vent used work for the style of roof framing?

-Is there enough insulation on the attic floor?

-Is the insulation blocking the intake airflow?

-Is there even intake airflow?

Ridge vent installed on our LaGrange project.

Fresh air is brought into an attic through the soffit, it pushes all of the home’s hot air out of the attic through the roof vents. For this to work, the attic space must be calculated to make sure there will be enough. 

Pictured is insulation blocking the intake airflow, frost is present and roof deck damaged has already occurred.

During cold winter months, trapped hot air will turn into frost from the inside of the roof, damaging the roof deck and leading to costly roof repairs.

The concave area in the roof was caused by improper airflow in the attic.

When getting a roof replaced, venting is a key factor for the longevity of the new investment.

“We don’t install roofs, we install roofing systems” 

Perfect Exteriors will bring out one of our trained roof inspection experts, with the knowledge needed to make sure that any attic space is healthy, and will remain that way for decades.



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