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James Hardie Siding information

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Bad weather can strike at any time. So James Hardie tests their products to better withstand worst-case scenarios: hurricanes, UV rays, snowstorms, and more. But it’s not only extremes that break down siding—the change of seasons does a number on materials such as vinyl (which may crack in the cold) and wood products (which expand and contract with changes in moisture and humidity). Only fiber cement products by James Hardie are Engineered for Climate®.

After studying the long-term effects that different climates have on siding, James Hardie created the Hardie™ Zone system, to ensure that you get the right product for your region. HZ5® products are made to resist wet, freezing conditions. HZ10® products protect homes from heat, humidity, blistering sun and more.

In Illinois we use the HZ5® products

Baked on ColorPlus Technology

Five times thicker than Vinyl Siding

Moisture & Rot Resistance

Weather Withstanding

Fire Resistant

Insusceptible to Pests

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Hardie® fiber cement siding resists the impact of hail and windblown debris and is designed to perform in extreme heat and cold.


There are many reasons to choose Hardie® fiber cement siding over vinyl, the first of which is appearance. James Hardie siding is over five times thicker than vinyl, allowing for deeper grooves and a more authentic wood-grain effect. The result is more elegant than vinyl (which is plastic), particularly on a historic home.

We are working on adding more examples of the James Hardie Colors, but here’s some in the meantime. 
James Hardie Siding Examples

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Then comes function. Vinyl melts easily in a fire (or even from the reflection of the sun off Low-E glass windows); James Hardie brand products are noncombustible. Vinyl may crack and warp from the elements; fiber cement exteriors by James Hardie are more durable and resist warping, sagging and melting.


Hardie® fiber cement siding and trim products resist the effects of moisture and damage from mold.

When there’s a fire, Hardie® siding is much better at withstanding damage, while wood goes up in flames. See how James Hardie siding compares to wood siding.

Wood may split, crack and deteriorate over time, while Hardie® siding resists weather damage and keeps its shape.

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