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All About Malarkey EZ Ridge!

Malarkey Legacy storm gray shingles and storm gray EZ-Ridge

Malarkey EZ Ridge is made from their crafted NEX polymer Modified Asphalt to create a Class 4 rated hip and ridge shingles! 

Hip and Ridge caps are the final piece to cover in between two slopes of roofing. Being the highest point of your roof, they are the most vulnerable to hail and debris. 
EZ-Ridge is thicker which adds additional dimension and shape to your roof. 
Embedded with Scotchguard protector, EZ-Ridge actively fights against algae stains. 


Your Roof can make up to 60% of your home's streetside appearance

Functional and beautiful is possible!

Algae resistant Granules

Unique color palletes

High Definition Ridge Caps

Class IV Rated

Malarkey Legacy Storm gray shingles and EZ-Ridge Roof replacement in Naperville

Here you can see EZ ridge high definition Hip & Ridge shingles being installed on a home in Naperville. 

Malarkey Storm Gray shingles and storm gray Ez Ridge
Malarkey Vista Storm Gray roofing installed in Aurora
Here's a Malarkey Storm Gray with traditional RidgeFlex ridge caps
Malarkey Legacy Storm Gray Roof Replacement With Ez Ridge in Aurora
Here is a Malarkey Storm Gray roof with Air Vent RidgeVent and EZ-Ridge

Are EZ-Ridge worth it?
Malarkey EZ-Ridge Hip & Ridge Shingles are manufactured with Malarkey’s NEX Polymer Modified (SBS Rubberized) Asphalt which is made from upcycled materials, primarily used tires and plastic bags. Not only do you get a better performing product, but one that is reducing landfill waste.
This is a product that hits all it’s marks. Aesthetics, Class IV, Scotchguard, Smog reducing granules, NEX SBS and manufactured in Malarkey’s most popular colors! 

Smog-reducing granules work to help clean the air of pollutants. Your roofing materials is now taking part in making for a cleaner tomorrow. 

Malarkey EZ-Ridge Hip and Ridge Shingles

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