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Raindrop Gutter Guards

Raindrop Gutter Guards installed in Naperville, copyright www.perfectexteriorsinc.com

Why are Raindrop Gutterguards the best?

Because RainDrop® provides gutter protection like no other gutter guard available! Every aspect of the RainDrop® Gutter Guard is essential in it’s goal to provide a maintenance free & self-cleaning gutter protection system, far more advanced than anything available on the market today.

Fits on Every Home 

RainDrop® is the most versatile gutter guard available.  Works on every roof style Fits both 5″ and 6″ gutters and can be modified to fit 4″ to 10″ gutters.

The RainDrop® Gutter Guard can handle any amount of water from the worst downpour.  Even high-volume valleys are no problem, which is where other products tend to struggle.

With RainDrop’s design, water will rush into the grates at any speed instead of overshooting a rolled over gutter cap. 

Strong, Durable & Long Lasting RainDrop® is made from its own unique blend of polypropylene.  This special blend of polypropylene and UV stabilizers can and will withstand the harshest storms, hottest climates and coldest seasons imaginable.

Control Ice Problems RainDrop® Gutter Guards heat up from the sun during the cold months, naturally melting snow and ice to keep water flowing into the gutters year round.  This has a lot to do with the black color of the gutter guard absorbing the heat from the sun.  *Heat cables may need to be added in problem areas where ice is really a problem, usually on a north facing part of the home that does not receive much sun in the winter.

Designed to be maintenance free

Versatile installation options

Certified Installers

aesthetically pleasing


20 year warranty

Raindrop Gutter Guards installed in Wheaton IL copyright www.perfectexteriorsinc.com

Lets small materials flow thru the gutters and blocks anything that could become an obstruction. 

What material is the RainDrop Gutter Guard made out of? 

Polypropylene Symbol A unique Polypropylene Blend with added UV Stabilizers.  NOT VINYL!!!  Yes, polypropylene is a type of plastic, but is far superior to vinyl (and metal products) for many reasons.  Polypropylene is meant to be outside in the elements. Used on automobiles. Stays strong even in extreme sun. High melting point of 320°F. Does NOT absorb water, so it will NOT mold or deteriorate due to bacteria. Takes a significant amount of damage before it breaks; unlikely to shatter. Known for its resistance to fatigue. Its chemical make up is resistant to most oils and solvents

How many years will the RainDrop Gutter Guard Last? 

The first RainDrop Gutter Guards were installed in the Spring of 2000 in Arlington Heights, IL. Every couple of years, we go back and see how they are doing. The guards are still working great and have not broken down. This is because they are made of polypropylene and packed with UV stabilizers to help protect it from the sun.  (For more information on polypropylene, see the above question of “What is the RainDrop Gutter Guard made out of?”, or read this article titled “What is Polypropylene?” by Todd Johnson found on About.com)  We increased our warranty from 10 years to 20 years in 2014. Simply because we are confident that this stuff will last a long time!

Won’t roof grit get into my gutters? 

YES! This is where many of our competitors (micro-mesh products) get it wrong! Roof grit and granules DO NOT CLOG GUTTERS!  If this were true, then homes without trees nearby would have clogged gutters. A gutter has never clogged because of roof grit. It is just too small and washes through the gutter system.  Micro-mesh products try and keep EVERYTHING out. In doing so, small debris like roof grit and dirt develops a build-up, which will eventually REALLY keep EVERYTHING out… INCLUDING WATER! Not to mention these micro-mesh products are prone to mold and mildew, further inhibiting water from entering the gutter.  RainDrop Gutter Guard gets it right by letting the non-clogging debris flush through the gutter system, allowing all the water to get in, and by keeping out clog forming debris (and keeping it moving forward so it doesn’t build-up on top of the gutter guard).

Are one piece Gutter guard systems good?

While working with different customers we have seen some experiences that make these systems the least of our favorites…
If you have a 40ft gutter and a tree limb falls and dents the edge of the gutter helmet, you are stuck with that eye sore unless you replace the WHOLE 40ft run! 
Raindrop gutter guards are impact resistant thanks to their polypropylene construction and even if something utterly catastrophic were to happen, you can replace that 3ft segment. So we definitely think that Raindrop is better than gutter helmet systems. Gutter helmet systems also are reliant on surface tension to pull the water back inwards, if you have a steep roof the waters velocity can exceed its capabilities and shoot off the edge of your roof and be ineffective. 

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