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  • Should You Replace your Roof with your Home insurance policy because of Hail??
hail inspection for roof replacement in aurora, IL
Rick April 9, 2023 0 Comments

You’ve seen the Ads,
You’ve been pummeled with radio messages,
You can’t escape the non stop push to replace your roof because of hail damage.

But should you? In this article I will cover the aspects you should cover when taking on this endeavor and why a hail storm puts your home at risk.

Now I should start with the hope you found this article before signing on with a random company that turned out to be out of town storm chasers. Trust a local, reputable company that has existed for years and has your best interest in mind.

You get Home Insurance policies to help protect you from the unforeseen financial burden of high ticket home repairs. Your roof is definitely a large investment as it is meant to protect your home for decades to come when properly installed with quality components.
Now if your roof is aging out, a hail storm isn’t the solution to your problems because when the Insurance adjuster comes to your home they will see that your roof is aged out and compromised already. Once they see that your roof is a risk to the rest of the home they will submit a request to the homeowner to replace the roof immediately, or be dropped from the policy. In addition to that, it’s been seen for the company to raise the rates on that one client since they have to recoup cost for the adjuster that was sent out to inspect their home.

But MY roof isn’t that old and I don’t see any damage from hail…
From the ground it’s very difficult to see hail damage as the damage “blends” into the shingles. And even though you may not have immediate catastrophic failure, your roof is now compromised from the storm taking years off of it’s life and becoming a liability. This is why your home insurance policy covers hail damage. Because it can DAMAGE your roofing system! Your investment is now going to age out quicker and be more prone to leaks that will rot the wood decking and then the wood framing below. This can be a very costly repair that you’ll wish you had avoided.

Below you can see one of our guys feeling the crater left behind from the impacts

Hail Damage Roof Inspection in Naperville

Our latest Hail storm that hit Illinois, slammed into Montgomery, Oswego, Plainfield and North Aurora pretty hard, but when we were called out to do some inspections on homes on the fringe area of Aurora and Naperville we found obvious hail damage that will need complete roof replacements. Storm damage is unexpected and out of the home owners control and why they pay their premium to have an insurance to cover the cost of mother nature’s fury.

Hail damage can be easily recognized with Asphalt Shingle granules in the gutters and where the downspouts water exits. When the hail has knocked the granules off of the shingles it exposes the asphalt below that will now be dried out by the sun. Once the sun has done it’s damage, the asphalt will start to disintegrate and then leaving only the fiberglass mat below allowing water to now run rampant. This damage gets bad and rears it’s head months later after the storm occurred.

Roof Hail damage from hail storm in Aurora IL

You have been paying your insurance company to be there when you need it, when your home needs it. And if a storm has compromised your roof, you need it.

Our Roof detectives can spot the signs of hail damage, a roof that’s aging out, or a roof that’s in good condition. They will gather all information and report it to you so you know everything! We have zero obligation, free estimates with complimentary roof reports. We are only a Call or a text away from helping you out.


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