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  • Should you worry about exposed nails on your roof?
Karina Z March 14, 2023 0 Comments

Ideally, you should never see the nails on your roof. Properly installed nails should be flush to the shingle they are inserted into and covered by the shingle above them. This ensures that they are secure and unseen. Over time, however, even correctly installed nails can become exposed, usually from severe weather conditions. While it may not sound like much, these exposed roof nails can cause issues to your roof and home. 

How do roof nails get exposed?

One of the most common ways that roof nails get exposed is by our crazy Chicago weather. When shingles come loose because of high winds or heavy snow, they often leave their nails behind. While this should not be a problem for a well-installed roof, this can happen fairly often if a nail is overdriven into a shingle or placed in the wrong spot. Also, improperly nailed shingles can void a manufacturer’s warranty on a roof. Once you notice the exposed nails ruining your home, you may not be able to cash in your warranty.

Another way for nails to get exposed is when a contractor repairs a part of your roof by simply nailing shingles over the damaged sections instead of taking the time to fit them under the preexisting shingles. Under this new section of roof will be exposed nails that could be letting moisture in. 

Water is the enemy! 

The enemy of any roof is water. If water is allowed into your roof, rot is bound to follow it. This can cause significant problems that will be costly to fix. Simply put, an unaddressed exposed nail will let water in eventually. They let water in because once they are exposed, they are liable to rust away, and once they do, you are left with a hole in your roof. This is why it is so important to spot exposed nails and deal with them before they can endanger your home. Even one exposed nail can lead to water damage. 

How do I repair my roof? 

If you suspect exposed nails or other nail-related issues with your roof, give Perfect Exteriors Inc. a call!. We can send someone over to take a look at your roof. Once we have evaluated your roof, we can make recommendations on how to properly address the repair of your roof. In most cases, a simple repair can be done, but there is the possibility that you will have to totally replace your roof if the damage is extensive enough. This is another reason why it is so important to identify exposed nails early and take care of them before they become dangerous.

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