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Raindrop Gutter Guards installed in Naperville, copyright www.perfectexteriorsinc.com

Gutters are not one size fits all. Every good gutter system should be measured and crafted for your home.

We work with many different materials of gutters but the two most common are copper and aluminum. Aluminum comes in a variety of colors to best suit your home. 

Over time gutters will need servicing, or replacement because they have a lifespan due to their design. To make a leak proof system gutter sealant is used to connect the pieces of gutters to eachother as well as the corners. Over time the sealant degrades away. Because aluminum is a lightweight material it would tear apart if you tried to take the pieces apart to seal them properly. At this point we advise on replacement to be the most cost effective method. 


Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Variety of available colors

Oversized Downspouds & Gutters Available

Colors to "Trim" out your home


Gutter Guards Available

Raindrop Gutter Guards installed in Wheaton IL copyright www.perfectexteriorsinc.com

Raindrop Gutter Guards Available

Why is a gutter system so important?? 


If water was to just pour over the edges of your roof not only would that amount of water ruin the landscaping below, it lands right next to your foundation. This is a high risk for water to then leak into your basement or crawlspace. 
Having a properly setup gutter system allows for water to be channeled away from your home and preventing it from leaking in. 

What is a properly designed gutter system? 

Five inch gutters has been the most commonly used size for the past few decades. Now that the machinery is more commonly available 6″ oversized gutters can finally be put to use. The faster water is funneled away from your home, the better. A 50′ run of gutter filled with water is around 800lbs! That’s 800lbs hanging off of your home. We have seen some roofs with steep pitches that benefitted from oversized gutters as well. Because of the velocity of the rain they were overshooting the standard sized gutters.

What about downspouts? 

This is one of our most commonly requested upgrades from homeowners! We can retrofit oversized downspouts into your current system. The downspout is the choke point of your gutter system. 
Some gutter systems are designed to have the second story funnel into the first story gutter, and then count on that gutter run to channel the water away. Upgrading the first story downspout is an excellent choice to allow the system to handle that much water. 

oversized Downspout installation in Naperville IL copyright www.perfectexteriorsinc.com

This home in Naperville had a long second story run that would then deposit into the first story gutter and it really pushed the system’s capabilities. We upgraded to oversized 3×4 downspouts to allow that much water to properly drain away. 

Check out how much water  is being dumped from the second story downspout. Now the first story gutter system must pull double duty to draw all that water away. 

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