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Why Choose PlyGem Mastic Vinyl Siding

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  • Exceptionally Strong – Durable and extra thick to resist dents from everyday life
  • High Wind Speed – Withstands up to 178 mph winds
  • Exceptional Curb Appeal – Beautiful detailed cedar texture with a deep shadow line to make your home stand out
  • Low Maintenance – Doesn’t require painting so you can spend more time enjoying your home, not maintaining it
  • SolarDefense Reflective Technology™ – 10 Carvedwood colors come equipped with SolarDefense, developed to resist fading and distortion better than ever and comes with an industry-leading No Fade, No Distortion Promise
  • Patented T-2 LOK® Panel Locking System – Delivers a positive locking action with a wider locking mechanism for more contact area
  • 5/8” Panel Projection – Enhanced shadow lines replicate the appearance of real wood siding
  • Exclusive Hang-Tough™ Technology – Boosts durability so panels are more resistant to cracking, impact and thermal distortion. As an added benefit, rich color resides throughout the panel – virtually eliminating the appearance of nicks and minor surface scratches
  • Rollover, Reinforced Nail Hem – For easier installation and secure fastening
  • Duranyl 5000® Protection System – Proprietary technology adds extra UV protection to our deepest, most vivid colors, protects colors against hard elements and maximizes long-term weatherability
  • Sustainable Formula – sustainable and recyclable for a better, eco-friendly choice
  • VIP Limited Lifetime Warranty – Premium guarantee of lasting quality and peace of mind (see warranty for complete details.)

Designed to be maintenance free

Versatile installation options

Withstands up to 178 mph winds

SolarDefense Reflective Technology™

Durable and extra thick to resist dents from everyday life

Patented T-2 LOK® Panel Locking System


Carvedwood•44® is an ideal choice for homes because of its optimal thickness and wide selection of designer-inspired colors. Carvedwood•44 also comes in 10 deep, rich shades using Plygem’s exclusive SolarDefense Reflective Technology™ which protects our darkest colors from the harmful effects of the sun

Carvedwood most commonly picked three styles: 

Your Home’s Best Defense Against Sun Damage

Mastic SolarDefense Reflective Technology leverages advanced science, innovative engineering and cutting-edge R&D. It is designed to stand out—and stand up to mother nature at her worst. SolarDefense Vinyl Siding acts like a permanent sunscreen that allows your home’s colors to stay vibrant for years to come. And because SolarDefense is backed by a best-in-class V.I.P. 50 Year Lifetime Warranty (that is fully transferrable), you can feel confident that your investment is fully protected.

Visit Mastic’s Solar Defense Page for additional information

Plygem Mastic’s Advanced locking system with nail hem

Mastic Carvedwood nail hem locking

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